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     Aloha and welcome to Spindrift-Surf Productions my name is Tyson, I  am a freelance photographer, videographer, and painter living in the beautiful seaside town of Carolina Beach in North Carolina. Those dreams are a mixture of the following projects I am working on at present. Spindrift-Surf has always been a dream project ever since my days as a youth I have been fascinated with the ocean. I learned how to surf here in the Carolinas as a young boy and after all my years of traveling the world, I have returned to the place of my birth to make what I hope will be my dream surf film come true and continue to capture the beauty I have always found in surfing.

    My background is simply that I took my love for the ocean to its depths, I took it from riding waves to working under them. For the past twenty-five plus years, I had been a commercial diver, salvage diver, chef inspection diver, underwater photographer and Project Manager for a Global marine salvage company my area of operations covered Canada, the US, and all its commonwealth, Caribbean, Central, and South America. I also study at Florida Atlantic University for Ocean Engineering.

On-going Projects Film Projects

Filming Writing & Producing  Spindrift-Surf the movie. Filming will continue this year along the North Carolina coast

Photographic Projects                 Spindrift-Surf       The Abandon Homes & Buildings Series           Roadside Hiker       The Band Series (Covering local bands)Books Projects        "Spindrift-Surf; The Dream"       "Roadside Hiker"       "Adventures of Iggy and Stash"       "The Gypsy"


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